Is a contest held by ORARI Lokal Bekasi, in commemoration of the 75th Republic Indonesia’s Independence Day.

Every valid member of ORARI can participate in the contest, using SSB (Phone) mode, at 40m band and 80 meter band.

Bekasi Merdeka Contest 2020 – BCM2020 in short-, starts at Sunday 16th of August 2020 09.00 WIT (West Indonesia Time) / 02.00 UTC until Monday 17th of August 2020 21.00 WIT / 14.00 UTC

Interestingly, there are 2 uniqueness of the scoring in this contest :

  1. QSO between participating stations will have a score of 1, but if the contact made between the participant and one of the commitee of BMC2020, it will be scored 7. Bekasi’s contest station 7A1BKS will also accept calls and contact made with the station will be scored 10.
  2. Special multiplier if the participant successfully combining the suffix of valid contacted stations to compose into words saying “BEKASI MERDEKA CONTEST”, where a callsign can only be used no more than once.

I participated in this contest in on-off and super relaxed fashion, and getting only about 80 QSOs. I found that on the mid day of 17th of August, I made some contacts to another stations which already has made over 300 contacts!

My raw score based on 84 contacts

However, from only about 80 stations, I successfully combined the suffix of logged stations into “BEKASI MERDEKA CONTEST”, and getting 3 multiplier. I feel that there’s a chance for me to get even another one, if I’m willing to do some reshuffling of the callsign being used in those 3. The organizer has prepared a form to submit this multiplier calculation.

Suffixes from my log combined into “BEKASI MERDEKA CONTEST”

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